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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you navigate the repair process is part of the service we provide. Here are some FAQ to assist you in planning your repair.

In the state of Georgia, you are allowed to have your car repaired at any shop you trust. Your insurance company can not dictate to you which repair facility you may take your vehicle to.

We can tell you an approximation when we perform the estimate on your vehicle. Without seeing the damage, we are unable to tell how long a repair would take.

If we find additional damage once we start the repair, you and your insurance provider will be notified promptly.

We have a mechanic on staff full time to assess emergency situations such as this. Scheduling A/C servicing is as simple as a phone call.

Our skilled technicians can handle miriad repairs from aluminum welding, to steel, to fiberglass. We have the training and experience to perform quality repairs that have a lifetime warranty.

We offer Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) for exactly such situations. Our Technician is able to disassemble the interior of your vehicle and “push” the dent out from the inside. This enables the dent to be remidied, and the paint to remain intact…saving you money and time with your vehicle in the shop.

Because of the differences in insurance policies and their requirements, there are often differences between their estimate and ours. This should not alarm you.

We work from any insurance estimate and designed our repair process to allow for coordination with insurance companies.

Our relationship with both Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Hertz will allow you to be picked up at our shop, at your convenience, with the provider of your preference. After you check your car in with us, just call the rental car provider, take a seat in our comfy sitting room, and they’ll come in and get you.

Unless you specified our shop when your car was picked up, your car will not be directly towed to Peachtree Paint & Body. Contact the tow company and give them the last 6 digits of your VIN# (found in the bottom right corner of your windshield on a silver tag or on your insurance card). You will then be able to direct them to deliver your car to our shop.

You’ll want to come by to sign paperwork with us, so that we can create an estimate on your car as soon as possible.